Photo credit:  Claire Rice

Photo credit: Claire Rice

This is me...

After a Minnesota upbringing straight out of an ABC Family made-for-TV movie, I came to California to study English and music at the University of San Francisco. I have worked for various theater companies and an immigration law firm, I sing for churches and occasionally with choirs, and I regularly perform around the Bay Area (and even Sacramento!) with my comedy improv team Chinese Ballroom.

I sing. I write. I explore. I am a dog person who owns a cat. 


Five Fun Facts:

1. I was born Meghan Kathleen O'Connor (read: PROUD IRISH). 


2. My middle-school best friend and I formed a band called Icing, and our first album is titled On the Cake... as you might imagine, we are HUGE in Korea.


3. I have a GREAT story about a run-in with Vice President Al Gore. 


4. At the age of four I had to give a deposition as the sole witness to an accident wherein a boy lost his foot in a wood chipper.


5. My LinkedIn profile picture is a bathroom selfie.