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I offer my copywriting services to the various arts and media organizations I have worked with over the past decade.

These are a few of my favorite examples.

Killing My Lobster

As well as writing and directing for SF's premiere sketch comedy company, I also assist in writing marketing blurbs for their upcoming shows. I have also dabbled in song parodies for fundraising purposes. 

Original parody of I Want It That Way, the pivotal Backstreet Boy classic.

Vicious Cycle

Comedians and real-life friends Kate Elston, Meghann Hayes, and Meg Trowbridge are talking about periods. They always have, and they probably always will. And they think you should be talking about periods, too. Whether you have a period, had a period, will have a period, or love someone with a period, this podcast is for you. Featuring segments like Why I Cried This Week and Read My Labias, as well as interviews with real-life period havers, this podcast is the answer to all those people who are sick of having to whisper “do you have a tampon?”

Vicious Cycle Ladies.jpg

EPISODE ONE: Let's Talk First Periods            For their very first episode, Meg H, Kate & Meg T discuss their very first period. They dive into advice they got from their moms, what the bible says about menstruation, and discover a theme that NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT!

Nerd Factor

The Ballroom Improv

Formerly Chinese Ballroom, The Ballroom Improv has been performing for 10 years across the Bay Area. They have performed at SF Sketchfest, The San Francisco Improv Festival, and the Sacramento Comedy Fest. Below are a few videos I wrote: