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O’Connor’s sharp wit has been on display in Satellites and All’s Fair (Inkblot Ensemble), Tethys, or In The Deep (2012’s San Francisco Olympians Festival) and performances with her improv friends at Chinese Ballroom...Most remarkable was the loud and enthusiastic audience response, which frequently resembled an old-fashioned operatic claque.
— George Heymont, Huffington Post

Full lengths:

High Tide

  • Andrea, a fledgling environmental activist, is trying to rally troops to help fight global warming and the rising sea levels. While on the beach, she is caught in a riptide and taken under. It is there that she meets Pontos. He informs Andrea that the kingdom of land-dwellers is coming to an end. Soon the sea and it’s inhabitants will rule again, and Andrea has inherited a seat at the underwater throne as the last true descendant of Tethys. Will Andrea protect the land she’s called home since birth, or will she succumb to the thrill of power?
  • Received a reading at 2015 SF Olympians Festival, Nov. 2015

In the Deep

  • Tethys, titan of the deep sea, lost ships and secrets, is coming to terms with forced early retirement. Her husband Oceanus urges her to relax into her new freedom, but she cannot let go of the waters, nor can she ignore her protege Hera's pleas for help.
  • Received a reading at 2012 SF Olympians Festival, Dec. 2012

Satellites (collaboratively written with Inkblot Ensemble)

  • Jack has fallen through the ceiling. He finds himself surrounded by Io, Europa, Leda, and Ganymede, who are caught in an eternal orbit of Jupiter. They explore how the pain inflicted by one man can throw your life into an elliptical loop, and how hard it is to break free. 
  • Workshopped in FURYFactory at foolsFURY, July 2011

All's Fair (co-written with Jess Thomas)

  • Four vignettes, set in 4 different time periods, retell the same story - exactly what happens when victors return home after a 10 year war? A response to The Trojan Women, All's Fair follows Cassandra as she lives, over and over, the scene of Agamemnon's triumphant return - SPOILER ALERT: it's bloody.
  • Produced by Inkblot Ensemble August, 2010; excerpt performed at San Francisco Theater Festival July, 2010

In the Wings

  • At a community theater with questionable taste, a team of archetype actors are performing a script that is equal parts comedy of manners, Sci-Fi B-Movie, and terrible. The stagehands have to keep it together, though they are not sure why. 
  • Received reading in Behind The Curtain Festival, March 2013; received reading by College Players at University of San Francisco

Ten Minute Plays:

A Christmas Carol 2: With a Vengeance

  • Todd is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future - but all anybody wants to do is watch Die Hard.
  • Received a stage reading at Berkeley's Monday Night Playground, Dec. 2014

Fantasy Bloodbath

  • Athena and Apollo let their Trojan War fantasy league competition get in the way of Dionysus' party.
  • Received reading in 2013 SF Olympians Festival, Nov. 2013

The Helmet

  • A little girl and boy play war, imitating the world around them. They let it go too far.
  • Received reading in 2013 SF Olympians Festival, Nov. 2013

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